Rain causes flooding concerns in Shorewood, Wauwatosa

CREATED Jun 18, 2014 - UPDATED: Jun 19, 2014

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SHOREWOOD - The pounding rains flooded streets all over Milwaukee County, including the north shore.

Residents who live in Shorewood say the skies turned dark before the torrential rains started mid-morning.

It left many streets covered in water for several hours.
The amount of water forced MMSD to release raw sewage into local waterways early Wednesday morning so it didn't back up into people's homes.
"That's a very shore amount of time for that much rain to slam the sewer system." Spokesman Bill Graffin said.
They're asking for people to cut back on the amount of water before another round of rain moves in so the system isn't overloaded.
 People in Wauwatosa also woke up to flooded basements on Wednesday.
"There was water everywhere," says Gabrielle Meleski. Her basement is now filled with pumps, dehumidifiers and fans to help clear the water.
"I had a ton of shoes on the ground, that are now are all ruined," she says. "So is my luggage. We just moved in two months ago, so we had a lot of stuff down here to still go through."
You can see how high the water came by the mark on her home, and front doorsteps.
Next door, water seeped in through the side door, ruining the carpet inside.
"The garbage cans were all over the place," Meleski says. "There was debris everywhere. It was pretty nasty."
And though the water is gradually starting to drain, she's worried more will soon be on the way.
Here are some precautions to prevent flooding in your basement:
1. Clear debris from drains in and around your home.
1. Put extensions on your downspouts to keep water from your foundation.
2. Get things off your basement floor.
3. Use as little water as possible, especially during storms.