Racing Sausages compete in first race of the season

CREATED Mar 31, 2014 - UPDATED: Mar 31, 2014

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MILWAUKEE -- The Klement's Famous Racing Sausages are warmed up and ready for Opening Day.

In their 12th year at Miller Park, the five sausages competed in their first run to deliver the first brat at 10 a.m. Monday.

Here's a little background on each of the racers.

"Brat" (a.k.a. Bratwurst) comes to the Brewers after training for the German Olympic team. His determination to win usually gives him the fast start, but he tends to get winded at the end.

"Polish Sausage" coached a high school cross country team. To many - he's the underdog, but while he may hang back at the start, he always finishes strong!

Then there's "Italian Sausage." You may remember, he went "missing" during a snowstorm earlier this year, and was found in a Cedarburg bar. He's definitely the *suave* one of the bunch and can work a crowd.

"Hot Dog" is the all-American favorite, and a total crowd-pleaser. He trains hard with his relatives: Cheese Dog, Chili Dog and Corn Dog.

"Chorizo" came to Milwaukee after training in the hills of Central Mexico. He once ran with the bulls in Pamplona, Spain, and is a spicy competitor.

Watch the video for race footage.