Racine woman brings children with her during robbery

CREATED Jul 23, 2014

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RACINE - A Racine man came home to find a woman ransacking his apartment. 

Tanya Fawcett, 35, is behind bars for breaking into the residence in the 1300 block of Washington Avenue Monday night. But she didn't act alone. She brought along her three children - ages 11, 7 and 4 - for the crime.
The 11-year-old girl told police "her mother asked her to reach under furniture and unplug things, even though she told her mother several times they should leave."
Neighbors are disgusted.
"I was incredibly angry that a woman would be so irresponsible as to not even consider her children first," says Michelle Poole. "When you're a parent, you consider your children first."
"She's supposed to be an example to the kids, and that wasn't a good example for them," adds William Hodges.
"That's very wrong," says Salonge Cobb. "What would possess someone to even do that?"
Police say Fawcett was drunk, when she led her children up the stairs to the second floor apartment. She threw a rock through a window to get in, and cut her leg on the glass.
In the police report, the 11-year-old describes how "her mother lifted the four-year-old through the broken window and then told her and her sister to get inside without getting cut."
The man who lives in the apartment came home as they were all in his house. He called police. Now, Fawcett's fate is up to a judge.
"I don't really believe she deserves to have custody of those kids," says Poole. "I think that she should be prosecuted for this."
"This won't be the last time, until she gets help and admits that she needs help," adds Hodges.
Fawcett, who was out on bond for a violation of a restraining order,  told police she broke into the house to get even with someone she had fought with earlier in the day. It turned out she had the wrong place. Her preliminary hearing is next week.
Today's TMJ4 spoke with the man who caught her in his home, but he was too shaken-up and frustrated by the incident to go on camera.