Racine faces salt shortage

CREATED Jan 29, 2014

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RACINE - The harsh winter's taken a toll on southeastern Wisconsin.

"We're running out of salt, running out of propane, um, yea, typical winter in Wisconsin," said Dave Wesner, Racine resident.
And it could get even worse. The Racine Public Works Department tries to keep these barns filled with salt, but now, they're nearly empty. They placed an order for 24-hundred tons two weeks ago. Only a small portion of that showed up Wednesday.
"But, we obviously need more and if we run into bad weather, uh, we could go through all of this in one or two days," said Tom Eeg, Assistant Commissioner of the Racine Public Works department.
Eeg says Racine's not alone in the salt shortage. 
"I've heard Caledonia, Mt. Pleasant, the villages near us are having similar problems getting their shipments," said Eeg.
As we were concluding our interview, a welcome sight, a dump truck pulled up, providing an additional 25 tons of salt. 
Knowing winter's not nearly over,  communities are being conservative with the salt they have.
"We have been putting down sand, not knowing when we're gonna get our salt shipments.  So people should start to expect to see more sand on the roads? Uh, yes, you should expect to see more sand on the roads," said Eeg.
Racine says last year, they were called to use salt in 14 weather warnings. This winter already, they've reacted 37 times.