Racine cat adoptions halted after deadly virus claims four kittens

CREATED Aug 20, 2014

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RACINE - A highly-contagious virus is killing cats at the Wisconsin Humane Society in Racine. In response, all cat adoptions have been halted. 

Four kittens died from Feline Panleukopenia, or FPV - which was likely brought into the shelter by a stray cat.
The virus only affects cats, and there is a vaccine to prevent it.
Kittens are most at risk, because they typically aren't vaccinated until at least six weeks old.
Veterinarians are running tests, analyzing blood work, and treating the cats who are showing symptoms. Those cats have been quarantined.
"It's heartbreaking, especially when we know there is a vaccine that is very effective," says Angela Speed, a spokeswoman for the Wisconsin Humane Society. "To have one cat come in with this disease - that could have been vaccinated -  it could have prevented the whole thing."
Cat adoptions at the Wisconsin Humane Society in Racine will resume on September 2nd. 
Adoptions at the Milwaukee and Ozaukee locations are not affected.