Racine County not offering marriage licenses to same-sex couples

CREATED Jun 10, 2014

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RACINE - More counties started issuing gay marriage licenses on Tuesday but a few are still holding off. That includes Racine County.

The county says its position is prudent and practical. But same-sex couples think it's unfair for Racine to say no when more and more counties are saying yes.     
"How can a person say that to somebody, deny them love?" asked Paul Denner.
It's still a no go for Paul and his partner Cody Pearce to get a marriage license in Racine County. Paul tried on Monday and Tuesday, and will try again Wednesday.
"It's got to be so hard for them to say no to people," said Denner, "when they come in loving each other so much like we do and just to say no. 
Racine's county lawyer believes the ban on same sex marriages may be unconstitutional but says it's still business as usual until further notice.
Of the ten counties in Southeastern Wisconsin three are not handing out marriage licenses, Ozaukee, Walworth and Racine Counties
"The judge made it clear that she had not given any directive to any clerks in any of the counties to issue marriage licenses," said Jon Lehman, Corporation Counsel for Racine County.
Five years ago Paul and Cody didn't want to wait in Wisconsin to get married so they did in Canada. Now they find themselves waiting because of where they live.
"All these counties around us but we still can't do it and now it's happening just because where people live," said Pearce. "It almost makes it more frustrating."