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Racine County man fights to save home

CREATED Jul 3, 2014

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Love, loss, and respect for nature are all behind the passion of a man trying to save a Racine County Home.

John Acheson had to say goodbye to his love Wende Reed. When the couple bought a fixer-upper in Racine County, they knew it would be Wende's last. 

Acheson loving recalls, "She cared about everyone. Sometimes we would have homeless people sleeping in our living room because she didn't want to leave them outside in the cold."
Wende and John worked hard to make their home green friendly. Acheson explains, "Wendy was passionate about living in a balanced and ecologically sustaining environment."
But Wende passed away June 14, 2013. She died of cirrhosis of the liver before the work was finished. She was 38 years old. Now, John is raising money to save the home. He's posted a "Dreaming Green" video on Fundanything.com to get donations. 
John fondly recalls Wende's feisty but loving spirit. "She would give her last dime to help someone out, but at the same time could get into a knock down drag out fight over the most trivial thing."
John hopes that by finishing their dream, Wende's daughter will be left with a legacy filled with the values of nature that Wende held so near. As Acheson puts it, "Everyone who loved her had their lives changed by her in some way. She just had that effect on people."
If you would like help Wende's dream come true, you can donate at  http://fundanything.com/en/campaigns/dreaming-green