Racine County Sheriff's Lieutenant honored for saving Waterford woman

CREATED May 29, 2014

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RACINE -  A nice honor today for a Racine County Sheriff's Lieutenant. He risked his life to save a woman involved in a drunk driving crash in Waterford.

"A job well done," said Sheriff Christopher Schmaling to the sound of applause at the Law Enforcement Center Thursday.
Among those applauding Lt. David Kinservik is the father of the woman he rescued.
"He wanted to shake the hand of the man who saved his daughter's life and that is why the Wirtz family is here today," said Sheriff Schmaling.
Twenty-one year old Vada Wirtz was trapped in her car on Memorial Day after it hit a natural gas line and began hissing. A dangerous situation. The entire neighborhood was evacuated as a precaution.
"You know, you spend your whole life taking care of your kids, protecting them, but when they reach an age, you can't be there, and you were," said Vada's father to the lieutenant.
Lt. Kinservik's a father himself, and says despite the danger, he knew he had to act.
"I've had to give enough parents the speech of your child isn't coming home tonight. So I always wanna make sure I go and get everybody out of the car," said Lt. Kinservik.
"He didn't use some unique skill or technique that he learned here at the sheriff's office, what he used ladies and gentlemen is something that he came to this agency with and that is courage," said Sheriff Schmaling.
The 21 year old woman's charged with O.W.I. Her mother had rushed to the accident scene that night.
"It was just very devastating and that was not my daughter in there. What alcohol does to you, or to some people, and we're gonna get her the help she needs. I just hope that it's a lesson learned. I thank God she's alive, love her more than anything," said Terry Wirtz.
Vada Wirtz spoke with us after the meeting, telling me she's so thankful to have a second chance at life. She wants WE Energies and the families who were evacuated to know she's truly sorry.