Racine Co. more aggressively pursuing internet pedophiles

CREATED Apr 30, 2014

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RACINE - By video conference from jail Wednesday, Jacob Bierer appeared in court for the first time.  He is accused of looking at child pornography online.  The defense attorney said Bierer is a lifelong Racine resident who has never been in trouble with the law before. 

The Racine County Sheriff’s Office posted details of the arrest on Facebook and sent media outlets a press release.

Although Bierer is not accused of actually touching children, Sheriff Christopher Schmaling says it is important for the community to know this suspect’s name and why he is in custody.

“I want this community to understand I take this very seriously,” Schmaling told TODAY’S TMJ4 reporter Tom Murray.  “I want to create public awareness.  I want the pedophiles to know they are being watched and they are being targeted, just as they are targeting our children.”

Schmaling recently assigned a detective to primarily work on scouring the internet for pedophiles. 

The sheriff believes by aggressively pursuing pedophiles online, his office is preventing children from being assaulted or even killed.

The Internet Crimes Against Children Unit recently arrested Don Bokan, 44, of Lake County, IL and Ron Niehus, 50, of Walworth County.  Both men are accused of going to meet who they thought were underage boys in Racine County.  Instead, deputies brought them into custody.