Racine Co. DA: Fatal officer involved shooting justified

CREATED Jul 14, 2014

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RACINE -- A fatal officer involved shooting in Racine has been ruled "legal, justified and necessary given all of the circumstances involved," according to W. Richard Chiapete, the Racine County District Attorney.

Racine police responded to the call of a suicidal man around noon on June 6. Officers said he was armed with a knife and refused to drop it. They felt their lives were threatened, so they shot him.

"The officers attempted lesser force options, but were ultimately faced with a situation that placed their own lives at risk," Chiapete said. "This was corroborated by witness statements, by the physical evidence on the scene, by the autopsy reports and by the 911 call."

Chiapete said it was reported the man had ingested approximately 100 tablets of Ibuprofen and had in the past been known to be armed and dangerous.

"Mr. Utvic left officers with no other alternatives," Chiapete said.