Questions remain following mysterious house fire

CREATED Jul 9, 2014 - UPDATED: Jul 9, 2014

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SOUTH MILWAUKEE - Cell phone video shows just how involved this fire grew before South Milwaukee firefighters arrived. Orange flames were shooting through every window, and black smoke was billowing into the sky.

"It was like you were standing near a bonfire."

Jeff lives next door. He's just thankful firefighters were able to save his home from the rapid blaze. The family living inside made it out safely.

A day later, questions still remain on how the fire started and how it was able to spread so quickly. The fire station is two blocks away.

"From the time we dispatched to the time we arrived on the scene was 34 seconds," said South Milwaukee Fire Chief Joseph Knitter.

Investigators ruled out electrical, mechanical and natural causes, but still don't know what sparked the blaze.

"Without knowing what the fuel load was exactly in the building it is hard to determine."

Alma Regalia owns the property. She was just blocks away when she saw the smoke and became curious.

"It was hard this morning when we went inside, that is when it hit me. It's completely gone."

Alma says its too soon to know if she will be able to rebuild.

"I would love to rebuild it and give it back to the family."