John Doe Prosecutor: Gov. Walker 'not a target' of investigation

CREATED Jun 26, 2014 - UPDATED: Jun 26, 2014

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MADISON - A special prosecutor emphatically stated that Governor Walker is not the target of a John Doe investigation into the recall elections. 

The special prosecutor issued the clarification Thursday after alleging a criminal scheme in the Doe documents.
But Democrats say there's no clarity yet on this volatile issue. In fact Governor Walker's likely opponent Mary Burke started running TV ads playing up the alleged criminal scheme, featuring footage of news reports from around the country.
"Prosecutors claim the governor lead a criminal scheme that broke election laws," said one news report featured in the ad.
The allegation was buried in hundreds of court documents arguing the merits of the John Doe investigation.
But the special prosecutor's lawyer issued a statement Thursday saying "These documents outlined the prosecutor's legal theory, they did not establish the existence of a crime," said Randall Crocker.
TODAYS TMJ4's Charles Benson was the only Milwaukee TV reporter to talk with Walker about the new information.  
Benson: Do you think you've been wronged?
Walker: Well I'm just happy it's one more step in setting the record straight.
It's unclear what impact this is issue will have on the 5% or 6% undecided voters who could decide who sits in the governor's office next year. But it is clear this issue is not going away.
Walker wants Burke to drop her campaign Ads.
"We think the voters deserve to have a debate about real issues about accurate information."
Burke's campaign responded to Walker by saying it would be "...laughable if it wasn't so transparently political," said Joe Zepecki, Communications Director for the Burke Campaign.  "But the facts speak for themselves. This ad will stay on the air."   
The Madison based watch dog group Common Cause wants the investigation to continue.
"I think it really ought to continue," said Jay Heck, "so that the people of Wisconsin will know the truth about what's at the bottom of this."
Two judges have shut down the investigation for now. That's because lawyers for the conservative groups that helped Walker and Republicans in the recalls have sued prosecutors. They're now fighting it out in court over the merits of the investigation.   "

Read the full statement from the prosecutor here