Proposed law would let schools keep Indian logos, mascots

CREATED Sep 26, 2013 - UPDATED: Sep 26, 2013

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MUKWONAGO - A new bill proposed in Madison may help Mukwonago keep the Indian nickname and logo.  Parents and students are very excited.

“It’s the pride.  There’s nothing racist about it,” said parent Shellie Knight.

A student complained to the state about the logo 3 years ago and after a long legal battle, the school district was ordered to make a change.  But now legislation has been announced that may help Mukwonago remain the Indians.

“We would be able to keep the Indian nickname and logo.  The process to change that is completely different,” Shawn McNulty.

The Department of Public Instruction threatened to fine the district up to $1000 each day if it continued to use the nickname and logo.

“The Department of Public Instruction has issued no fines, and I believe they are content with allowing the legislative process to play out,” McNulty said.

“I think the community should make the decision, not DPI,” said parent Rob Nickell.

“I am a Chippewa Indian and I have no problem with the name. There is nothing bad about the name,” Knight said.

Many Democrats oppose the bill.  The American Indian Caucus argues Republicans should focus on jobs instead.  So far no date has been announced to hear the proposed bill.