Proposed farmer's market expansion faces opposition

CREATED Apr 8, 2014

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WEST BEND - "The decision isn't should we expand or not, the decision is really coming down to how to we take something that's great and make it even greater," said West Bend Mayor Kraig Sadownikow.

Now that it finally feels like spring, emotions are heating up about the proposed expansion of West Bend's farmer's market.  Mayor Sadownikow had to break the Common Council's tie vote earlier this year in favor of expansion.  A group of businesses filed a complaint, forcing the council to take up the issue one more time.
"Our concern is bringing the market in front of our stores we will lose the visibility," said business owner Michael Husar.
Husar owns a store in the proposed expansion area.  He supports the farmer's market, but argues the city should look at other areas to increase the market's size because it hurts his business.
"We saw a decrease of 15-20% in traffic flow and we saw 50% decrease in business," Husar said.
Across the street at Ooh La La Assessories, they are excited about the possibility of increased foot traffic into their business.  Owner Kim Riley is hiring additional help, and is applying for a permit to have an outside table.
"I need to figure out how to capture that market that new market that will be walking in front of my store how to  get them in my store," said Ooh La La Accessories store owner, Kim Riley.
The Common Council will make their decision next Thursday, April 17th.