Powerful winds cause a mess in Menomonee Falls

CREATED Feb 22, 2014

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 MENOMONEE FALLS -- Powerful winds made quite the mess at the Orchard Ridge Landfill. Crews spent the day cleaning up the plastic bags and papers left behind.

Many had to stop and stare at this sea of trash. The colorful bags and papers look like ornaments on a Christmas tree.

"That's why I wanted to take a picture of it and send it to family and friends. It's almost unbelievable," says Kyla Ryckman of Menomonee Falls.

Waste Management's Spokesperson Lynn Morgan says she's never seen anything like this in her years with the company. Luckily much of the trash was stopped by these perimeter fences.

You can see just how strong the wind is blowing out here. Workers have to fill several trash bags, just like this, full of garbage.

While crews are out on foot today, lift trucks will be out next week to collect the garbage high in these trees.

“It looks like they'll be cleaning up here for a while," remarks Jason Ryckman.

Crews expect to clean up all the trash by the middle of next week.

Waste Management crews will be out again Sunday to continue the cleanup. There is a lesson here. Waste Management wants to remind people to recycle their plastic bags instead of throwing them away. You can drop them off at major grocery and retail stores.