Potholes in Waukesha may get worse before they get better

CREATED Feb 27, 2014 - UPDATED: Feb 27, 2014

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WAUKESHA - In Waukesha, officials say if you think the potholes are bad now, just wait a little while.

That warning tonight comes from those in the know.  A street supervisor with the Waukesha Public Works Department showed us the worst of the worst, and he explained why you could be driving on the moon this spring.
We showed you what Moreland Road looks like today.  Potholes sprinkled the lanes, especially on a stretch between Manhattan and White Rock. Most are not particularly deep, but unfortunately, Steve Deziekan thinks that will change.
"Some of the frost that we're seeing is about six and a half to seven feet in the ground, so it's gonna take a long time to get that out," said Deziekan.
When the frost thaws, moisture leaks out of the cracks, along with chunks of asphalt and concrete, and wallah, you've got more potholes. The result is tires like these.
"The faster you're going, the more, you got a 5-thousand pound hammer you're driving down the road and if you hit it harder, the faster you're going, it's gonna be worse, ya know," said Michael Wagner, manager of Firestone Complete Auto Care shop in Waukesha.
Michael Wagner manages this auto body repair shop along Moreland Road, and it's been quite busy. The owner of this car that's being repaired at Firestone will owe about a thousand dollars, and equally upsetting to him?  It'll take about three days to get it fixed.
"We're waiting for a wheel which are on back order from general motors 'cause there's so many people going through the same thing, I guess," said Wagner.
Wagner's advice?  If you can't avoid the potholes, it's best to go over them slowly. That's not always possible though, when you're in traffic or on the highway. In those cases, just hope for the best.