Potholes affecting local businesses, streets

CREATED Mar 4, 2014

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MILWAUKEE - Potholes have left streets around southeast Wisconsin looking like the surface of the moon, but they're also causing problems for local businesses.

"This frost and this continual cold and the freeze thaw cycle are killing the pavement," said Poblocki Paving president John Poblocki.

Crews are struggling to keep up with all the calls that are coming in.

"We're getting six, eight, ten calls a day outside of the regular calls that come in," Poblocki said.

Businesses are reporting potholes, broken and cracked pavement, and sinking catch basins on their sidewalks and in their parking lots.

"It isn't going to go away until late April until all the frost is out of the ground," Poblocki said.

The good news is that the sinking catch basins can be repaired permanently.  But fixed potholes can open back up because of the freeze thaw cycle.