Post-prom continues in Racine

CREATED May 17, 2014

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RACINE - It's the prom where what you show up in matters.  Tonight, we saw a retired fire truck.  In years past, there was a horse drawn carriage.  One couple back then even rode up in an elephant. 

Among the first comers Saturday night, a sporty red corvette, and a Beverly Hills limousine. And in true Hollywood fashion, students take a walk on the red carpet, as fans cheer them on. Nine schools invited. That's 16 hundred students in all.
"Definitely have a good time, see all my friends, people that go to different schools , ya know we're gonna have a good time. Is it weird to have prom with eight other schools? It's weird but it's awesome at the same time. You gotta get everybody from the city, ya know," said Dakota Marquez, Walden High School senior.
Marquez and his date, Madisyn Jensen have already had a busy day.
"Like last minute errands and hair and makeup and but it was all good. Where'd you get your dress? Um, somewhere in Woodfield," said Madisyn Jensen, Walden senior.
Racine's Rotary post-prom is a late one, goes until 3am.  So students end up going home, not to any after prom parties. The idea started in 1952 when several students died in a car crash after prom.
"They decided they didn't want that to happen again," said Laura DeGroot, Rotary Club post-prom chair.
Sixty two years later, the Rotary Club's still putting on the post-prom event, and it's something the entire community turns out to see.
"I've seen some classic cars. I've seen limos. I've seen fire engines. I've seen case tractors. I've seen, oh gosh, people in boats as they're being towed. Anything on wheels is allowed," said Laura DeGroot, Rotary Club post-prom chair.
Inside the event, it's not just dancing. They've got a food tent, karaoke, video games and tricycles.  There's such an energy from the crowd outside. You can see from the faces of students, this truly will be a night to remember.