Police: Cudahy standoff suspect in custody

CREATED Apr 4, 2014 - UPDATED: Apr 4, 2014

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CUDAHY -  For about four hours Friday afternoon, a Cudahy neighborhood was on lockdown, all because a man with a gun was holed up in a duplex.  

It all ended just before 5:00pm. Cudahy Police took one person into custody, and say everyone involved is alive. It happened in a residential neighborhood behind ATI Ladish.  Some say that street has been troubled.

"So you would get the odor of marijuana coming from that area quite strongly and this would be about as far as the wife and I would walk and then we would turn around we would head south," said Gary Malachowski, who lives down the street.
But Friday, neighbors saw trouble like they couldn't believe. Just after 1:00pm, Don Christofferson rushed to the scene after he saw tweets from his friend who lives on the same block where a man was holed up in a duplex with a gun.
"Well she lives right down the street from it and she, she said she heard gunshots and I just wanted to come out and see what was going on 'cause I also have a friend who  lives two houses down, right there," said Christofferson.
Cudahy police ordered people on that block to stay indoors. A number of departments helped bring this standoff to an end and bring the gunman into custody.  We saw armored trucks and apparent sharpshooters in camouflage walking around. The situation was intensified because friends tell us a family was occupying the other half of the duplex where the gunman was holed up.  Renee Sponholz knows them well.
"Two years ago we had a house fire and we weren't home but our dog was and the one gentleman actually  busted down our door to save our dog and uh, there's just great people and we just wanna make sure that they're safe," said Sponholz.