One dead, one in custody after Kenosha standoff

CREATED Dec. 4, 2013 - UPDATED: Dec. 5, 2013

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KENOSHA - The victim in Wednesday's deadly shooting that led to a ten hour standoff with police was trying to start her life over, according to friends.
A manager at Kenosha Midnight tavern on 57th Street said she hired 33 year old Heather Adamski this week to be a bartender and her first night of training was Tuesday.  Adamski left the bar at midnight.  Five hours later, she was dead.
The bar is just around the corner from the home where Adamski's boyfriend held police at bay Wednesday.  Neighbors there are in shock.

"She was a really nice person," said Irma Lopez.
Lopez was one of the last people to see Adamski alive at Kenosha Midnight.
"And I remember her blue eye shadow that she was wearing and her eyes, yea," said Lopez.
Neighbors on that block were ordered to stay indoors during the tactical situation. Many did so, but used their cell phones to record what was happening.
"We were freaked out. We were freaked out," said Esmeralda Torres.
When police threw an explosive device at the home across the street from Torres, she and her grandkids took cover.
"When they opened the door, boom, we all landed on the floor," said Torres.
The gunman remained in custody Thursday.  Charges had not yet been filed.  Tashchieka Culpepper wasn't surprised it was him.  She was outdoors recently and recalls seeing Heather run down the street screaming, "He's gonna kill me."
"He used to just chase her down the street. He used to beat on her, ya know. He should've been in jail months ago," said Culpepper.

Heather's death has saddened people in the neighborhood, along with those at her new job. A manager at Kenosha Midnight has decided to save a note Heather left behind.  It simply says her name, and jukebox, five dollars.