Police respond to 19 crashes Tuesday morning

CREATED Jan 28, 2014

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MILWAUKEE -- Despite fewer people on the roads today because of school and business closures, the number of accidents was unusually high.

In Milwaukee County alone - from 1-9 a.m., deputies responded to 19 crashes and 13 disabled vehicles. Sheriff's Office spokesperson Fran McLaughlin says on an average day during the same time period, there would be around six crashes.
McLaughlin says people driving too fast in the frigid conditions is to blame for most of the accidents. But some of them were caused by low tire pressure and poor tire maintenance.
Drivers are aware of the danger they share on the road.
"They probably underestimate the conditions," said driver Jeff Robley. "You have to be responsible for the weather because before you know it, you could be on the side of the road."
At Meticulous Auto Body in Milwaukee, business is booming. The owner credits distracted drivers.
"It's mainly careless drivers," said Nick Campanelli. "Accidents, a lot of careless driving right now. Most are small hits but we're also seeing totaled cars too."
Campanelli says drivers underestimate the need to take care of their tires.
"Having good tires is key. It's a big factor. Some of the cars we see - the tires should have been changed a year or two ago."