Police on the lookout for drunk drivers over holiday weekend

CREATED Jul 3, 2014

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MILWAUKEE - Police are watching for drunk drivers this holiday weekend.  They are getting help from someone who knows the hurt caused by intoxicated driving.

Law enforcement from Milwaukee and Waukesha Counties are teaming up to find drunk drivers. For the Gibbs family, the mission has deep meaning.
"Be careful out there tonight," said Lieutenant Ken Pileggi, Chairman of the Southeast Wisconsin OWI Task Force.
Officers at his roll call meeting know alcohol related traffic deaths have dropped from 387 to 185 in ten years but their work is not done.
"Our mission tonight is stop, test, arrest and lock up as many impaired drivers as possible," said Lt. Pileggi.
The mission is important to Sarah Gibbs. Six years ago an impaired driver nearly killed her 10-year old sister Debbie. The little girl was in this car when a doctor, high on prescription pills, slammed into it - killing Jennifer Bukosky, her daughter and unborn child. 
The fatal crash happened while Mark Benson was waiting to serve jail time for a third drunken driving conviction,
"Until you have someone who is injured or has been killed by a drunk driver it doesn't open your eyes enough," said Sarah.
The 26-year old doesn't want other families to have to be touched by tragedy to understand the pain. So for the first time Gibbs is talking publicly about the family's support of law enforcement's efforts to stop drunk drivers.   
"We try to make it to the roll calls just to show our support as a family," said Sarah. "Its not just them out there backing each other up. We back them up at home, we are thinking about them too." 
Paul Jenkins is also big supporter of the crack down. He lost a daughter and two granddaughters in the same crash that injured Debbie.
"If we could get the legislature to work just as hard as these men and women do, to do something about drunk driving, I think things would be a lot better," said Jenkins.
Jenkins and Gibbs stress drivers have choices. They don't have to drink and drive, find a designated driver or take a cab.