Police meet with Sherman Park residents

CREATED Dec. 4, 2013

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MILWAUKEE--A series of crimes like the knockout game have neighbors in Sherman Park taking action.

Mabel Lamb is proud of her Sherman Park neighborhood, where she's lived for 13 years.

"It's been good. I mean, we've had incidents but nothing that's going to run me out of the neighborhood," said Lamb.

Mabel joined her neighbors for a frank discussion with police officers after several incidents in the area raised some concern.

Tim Bessette says he was the victim of the knockout game near Sherman and Burleigh.

“Just like that, the lights went out,” said Bessette. 

There was also a police shootout at 46th and Keefe. Part of the discussion Wednesday night was getting a plan so residents and police can be on the same page.

Captain Jutiki Jackson, MPD: "What we've found over the years is that a strong neighborhood association that partners with the police department helps to reduce crime."

That includes neighbors getting to know each other.

"There are so many times where neighbors live next door to each other or down the street from each other and they never know each other," said Captain Jackson. 

A renewed effort to band together to keep the bad guys from getting the best of their neighborhood.

"Nobody has money to just pick up and move and leave their community from one incident, so we have to be diligent," said Lamb.

Mabel is involved in a block watch program. And police say it's not hard to start one. Just call your local precinct and they can help.