Police making sure boaters are safe during the holiday weekend

CREATED Jul 3, 2014 - UPDATED: Jul 3, 2014

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MILWAUKEE - Milwaukee's Police will be busy this 4th of July Holiday on the Waters of Lake Michigan.

It's elite Harbor Patrol Team will be in and around the harbor making sure the city's lakeshore remains safe.

The department's three boats are equipped with the latest technology in communications and rescue equipment.

The team of eleven officers expects to be busy with the thousands on the water and near the lakeshore this holiday.
"A lot of these people are here for a good time, they might be here all day and if they have a few drinks and get too close to the edge it can be a problem." Said Officer Arthur Kleist.
MPD says it works in conjunction with the Coast Guard, The Sheriff's Department and other agencies. 
Patrols are taking place from early morning until past midnight.