Police: Fight in Skateland parking lot may have lead to woman being hit by car

CREATED Sep 3, 2014

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WAUKESHA - Police have been rather tight-lipped about the investigation of a fight outside the Skateland indoor roller rink, but the parking lot itself is showing some clues.  Crime scene markings from a chaotic scene remain three days after an all-night skate party.

The all-nighter typically draws a younger crowd.
"Generally the all night skate, a lot of the allure is young kids, just think it's cool to stay up all night long with their friends. Most kids that are that old, generally that's not a big thrill for them anymore," said Steve Laufer, Skateland owner.
Steve Laufer says about 10:30pm, an older group of kids showed up, but by then, the rink was at capacity and began turning skaters away.
"A car full of boys pulled into this spot right in front of the building and I came outside and we were kind of letting people know who pulled up that we're not letting anymore people in 'cause some parents were trying to drop off," said Laufer.
In that car were two boys, age 17 and 18, and three girls, the oldest was 20. They didn't want to leave.
"They started to get a little bit loud and started making accusations that we didn't let them in because they were black. And I said you know what, if you had been here earlier and saw all the people that went inside, you would have realized there's a little bit of everybody in there," said Laufer.
Laufer went inside to call police, and that's when two moms in a silver car got involved because the older teens were reportedly driving recklessly through the parking lot.  But, it got ugly fast.
"These guys just went crazy. They started pounding on their car and breaking their windows," said Laufer.
One of the women, a 34 year old, was hit by a car, but it's unclear whose car hit her. In addition, her six year old nephew was hit in the head with a bottle in the fight.
"We're very sorry that somebody was injured out here and of course after this we may have to look at some other policies," said Laufer.
That 34 year old woman remains hospitalized in critical condition. We've learned that last month, a group of teens leaving from an all night skate party at Skateland caused some trouble at a hotel just down the street. It's not clear whether the two groups are connected.