Pleasant Prairie police investigating string of home invasions

CREATED Jun 23, 2014 - UPDATED: Jun 23, 2014

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PLEASANT PRAIRIE - There's been a rash of break-ins in a Pleasant Prairie neighborhood and police tell us most of these are crimes of opportunity like when homeowners leave their garage doors open.

"Shockingly scary, very scary. I'm still in a dream over it," Angelo Tenuta.
Tenuta's home was broken into early Sunday morning while he and his whole family were at home, asleep.
"I left my  car door open and they used the garage door opener to get in," Tenuta said.
Police say it's likely a group of thieves that get in and grab what's close and easy.  There have been 8 break-ins in the past couple of weeks; compare that to just 18 for all of last year in Pleasant Prairie.  
"In each of the cases they are attacking cars in the driveway that are generally unlocked, open the door, open the garage door and get in the house," said Pleasant Prairie Police Chief Dave Smetana.
Chief Smetana is begging residents to make it harder for the criminals.
"Make sure you are keeping an eye out in your neighborhood," Smetana said.
While Tenuta is thankful the thieves only got away with his daughter's flute and a laptop, they are looking into a security system, and taking extra precautions.
"Lock my door."