Playground shooting suspects in court Friday

CREATED Jun 6, 2014

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MILWAUKEE - The two men arrested in a shooting that left a little girl fighting for her life faced a judge as family looked on.

Sierra Guyton's family sat in court to support her and face the two men accused of battling it out on a playground.  Guyton was caught in the crossfire between Sylvester Lewis and Jamey Jackson. At one point, Sierra's mother wiped away tears as she listened to the heartbreaking details.

"She was lying there motionless,” testified Detective Erik Gulbrandson. “She had a gunshot wound to the back of her head. It required immediate medical attention, and she was conveyed to Children's Hospital."

The detective went into great detail about one of the alleged shooters, and his disturbing nickname.

"We showed Lewis a series of photographs and he identified a Jamey Jackson as being the person he referred to as J. Murder."

Sierra clings to life in the hospital.  All her family can do is cling to each other

"Right now the family would like to have some space,” asked Elder Malcolm Hunt. They don't want to talk to the media or anything right now."

Sierra's mother fought back tears as she listened to the grim future ahead of her daughter

"The injury has caused such traumatic neurological damage that it will require full-time medical care for the rest of her life," explained Detective Gulbrandson.

An aunt told TODAY’S TMJ4 Sierra has blinked and moved her legs. Other than that, she's still in critical condition. Her parents faithfully see her every day, hoping for a miracle.

Sierra's mom said after court, they were going to the hospital to visit her again.