Player remembered by former teammate

CREATED Jul 5, 2014

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MILWAUKEE - Brett Wiesner came to the Milwaukee Wave, sporting his own style - longer hair that he pulled back, and a lust for life.

"He came with energy and desire and you know, he was just a good young teammate," said Michael King, former captain of the Milwaukee Wave.

King recalls when Wiesner got drafted to the Wave in 2006. Players were drawn to his positive energy.

"We're just flaberghasted. We just don't really know what to say at a time when we should be enjoying you know, the beautiful game of soccer with the World Cup and everything," said King.

Wiesner was part of the 2010-2011 championship team. The Wave says their entire family is mourning the loss of one of its own. "He was a great guy on and off the field and our hearts ache for his family and friends," said Sue Black, with the Milwaukee Wave.

"And we chatted and I heard that he was gonna be moving back to Brookfield to be closer to his family because there was some health issues within his family and I wished him all the best." 

The day has been difficult for the entire team. 

"Spoke to a couple of my teammates today and one of them imparticular texted him this morning not knowing that an accident happened and I actually informed him of what had happened and he was just devastated, just like I was," said King.