Plane from Waukesha Co. crashes into Atlantic Ocean

CREATED Aug 30, 2014 - UPDATED: Aug 30, 2014

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WAUKESHA - A single engine plane that originated in Waukesha went down in the Atlantic Ocean Saturday.

The plane was registered to a 67 year old Brookfield man. We don't yet know whether he was the one flying the plane.
Calls made to the Waukesha County Airport manager went unanswered, but online flight records show the single engine did take off from Waukesha County Airport at 9:43 a.m.
It was scheduled to land at Manassaa Regional Airport just before 1 p.m., but instead it went off-course, flying into restricted airspace over Washington D.C. The incident prompted two F-16's to check it out. They reportedly saw the pilot unconscious, flying at 13-thousand feet.
The F-16's followed until the plane crashes about 50 miles from the Wallops Island, Virginia. The Coast Guard spent the rest of the daylight hours trying to rescue the pilot.
We reached out family of the man who's registered to the plane. They responded with no comment. A neighbor was suspended and sad to what about the accident. He says typically his friend flies north not south, and asks him to watch over his house.  That didn't happen this time.