Pilots vow to take off again after Waukesha plane crash

CREATED Jul 14, 2014

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WAUKESHA -- Miraculously, the pilot and passenger didn't just survive; they walked away.

A day after a small properly plane crash-landed near Bluemound Road, friends and colleagues of the pilot, Danny Gallo, say they have no hesitation of climbing back in the cockpit.
"This doesn't bother me at all," quips Gary Otto, club president of the Wisconsin Fox River Flyers. "I worry more driving to the airport and back than flying."
Otto's club owns and operates three airplanes -- all single props from the 1970s -- and it works like a time-share. Fox River Flyers has more than 40 members, and they all own shares of the planes.
Fox River Flyers first took off 30 years ago, and the Sunday's crash did come as a surprise.
"The planes are very dependable," Otto told TODAY'S TMJ4. "It was beautiful conditions for flying. Weather didn't have anything to do with it."
Early indications point to some sort of mechanical error, since the plane apparently lost power before reaching the runway. The plane, a 1976 Piper Cherokee, landed in the trees.
FAA agents have arrived in Waukesha and are currently examining the plane, which was moved to the Fox River Flyers' hanger.