Performers shine on St. Patrick's Day

CREATED Mar 17, 2014

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MILWAUKEE - Before the crowds gathered for St. Patrick's Day, there is a lot of hard work that goes on behind the scenes to make celebrations possible.

“I was born in Ireland, I grew up Irish so for me it's just being me,” Ian Gould tells TODAY’S TMJ4’s Jesse Ritka.  Gould is an Irish-born musician who now lives in southeastern Wisconsin but around St. Patrick’s Day, he’s all about his heritage.  Just like many green beer pours, Gould fills the days surrounding this holiday to the brim: today alone he has three performances at three different venues across the greater Milwaukee area.

His morning begins in Franklin at Mulligans, where Gould runs into not only his fans, but fans of his Irish culture, “It's really good, everybody's happy, look at the smiles, look at this (embracing a fan) nice to see ya.”

Others are celebrating at Mulligans today because Gould was on their line-up, “The fact that he can do so much and is so versatile, just being a solo musician, all the equipment he brings, I think it's really awesome and really special,” says Mike McLain.

After two hours of singing, whistling, playing guitar, a drum, tambourine and harmonica, it’s time to pack up and do it all over again, “If I stop, I fall asleep, if I keep movin’, I’m good,” Gould explains running out of Mulligans to head to the next gig.   

A day of grabbing food from the bar to eat on the go during his one hour between the last note he plays in Franklin and the first note he plays in Milwaukee for his next gig at County Clare Inn.  “This whole week has been crazy, all week long,” Gould admits, but sharing his heritage and his music is worth the hustle.  “I'm happy to be here, happy to see people smiling, it's awesome,” Gould exclaims.

Even his fans know it, “It's what they live for, he's awesome at it and I know he's in high demand,” McLain adds. 

After County Clare is off to Burke’s Irish Castle to close out a day packed with performances and people, “Well it's obviously extremely busy but it’s such a ride.”  But Ian wouldn’t miss it for a pot of gold, “St. Patrick's Day I get to see people maybe I don't see all year and they make that one special effort to come out so that's a beautiful thing.”