People try to keep up with the snow

CREATED Jan 1, 2014

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RACINE - The several inches of snow over the last couple of days are taking a toll on people all over Southeastern Wisconsin, who are trying to keep it cleaned up.

In places like Racine County where there has been lake effect snow you can hear the sound of snow blowers around the clock.

Not everyone is so lucky, with a very snowy December, people who only have a shovel say they don't know how much more they can take.

John Overman is one of those people. The Racine man says he can't count how many times he's shoveled so far this winter.

He said he's considered buying a snow blower in the past and is now weighing his options with so much snow.

"My wife and I talk about it every year and it hasn't happened yet, so maybe it will be a 2014 New Year's resolution" He said.

Experts say it's important not to overexert yourself when shoveling if you're elderly or have a heart condition.