People in Wisconsin adapt to working in winter weather

CREATED Dec. 16, 2013

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 FRANKLIN - Winter's arrived early, but that's a good thing for Mike Tomasino. He's a construction worker by trade, happy to have a job in December, even if it's doing something else.

We found Tomasino at The Rock in Franklin.

"I'm just bundled up with my snowmobile bibs, uh, I've got like four layers on. If you wanna dress warm, just put layers on," said Tomasino.

Tomasino got hired by The Rock just two days ago.

"This is now, we're really going full force and we had to bring in some additional employees to help carry everything," said Marna Nersesian, assistant manager.

Tomasino is a lift operator. They stay outdoors for three hours at a time, then get a 45 minute break to warm up.

While he may be warm, he wonders whether everyone else is outside.

"Yea, one of our guys is wearing jeans and long johns. And I don't know how he's staying warm," said Tomasino.

Even inside retail stores, it can get cold. We visited one in Franklin where store management was kind enough to put a space heater up by the front registers because it can get a bit chilly with the doors opening and closing.