People in Milwaukee adapt to bitter cold

CREATED Dec. 29, 2013 - UPDATED: Dec. 30, 2013

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WAUWATOSA - When it's this cold, most people count on a nice warm house to get them through. But for some folks, home feels just as frigid.

The owner of a Wauwatosa home thinks a faulty furnace may be to blame for a blaze that caused $100,000 in damage and sent her searching for a warm place to spend the night.

In Racine, this apartment's heating system went haywire and has residents like Paulette Anderson packing on the layers in her own house.

Paulette Anderson: "I have animals. The lady down the hall has a 9 month old baby, there's a lot of stuff and it just gets so frustrating."

With the thermostat reading a frosty 55 degrees, even the dog is wearing his winter coat inside.

Paulette Anderson: "The toughest part is, we're being told managers can't do anything because it's government owned. Our maintenance man, he attempted and everything else but he can't do anything because his hands are tied."

Paulette has a space heater, but it can't keep up with how fast the temperature is falling. The part needed to fix the heat is in Chicago and should be here tomorrow -- little consolation on one of the coldest nights of the season.