People in Kenosha clean up after Saturday storms

CREATED Jul 13, 2014

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KENOSHA -- Homeowners in Kenosha called Saturday's storms a terrifying sight. 

Natalie Celebre says she saw the powerful winds and torrential downpours hit her neighborhood on Saturday night. 

"it was an awesome sight last night, I was on my porch and I saw everything happen, all the lights come down, it was an awesome sight."

There were no injuries in the storm, just a big mess of tree parts and debirs landing around the neighborhood. 

Tree removal specialists like Nick Blazewicz say they have plenty of work to go around. 

"Everyone kind of went like gangbuster, so the work has been absorbed. But we have three more tress - so it's been busy for a Sunday."

Crews from the city will also come through and help with the cleanup efforts. Utility crews have also been on sites. WE Energies says at one point around 10 thousand customers were witout power.