Paul Ryan, Gwen Moore react to crash of Malaysian Airlines Flight 17

CREATED Jul 18, 2014

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MILWAUKEE - Members of Congress are closely watching the investigation into the crash. TODAY'S TMJ4 Reporter Charles Benson sat down with Representatives Paul Ryan and Gwen Moore.

Both are calling for a thorough investigation into who is responsible for the tragedy. 
Benson: If the US can make a connection directly or indirectly that it is tied to President Putin or Russia, what should the US response be?   

Ryan: I don't like going into hypotheticals. I think it's important that we find out who is responsible for this but if if is tied directly to the Russian government that would be a big game changer.
Ryan says he's not ready to jump to any conclusions, but he has a number of concerns about the Russian made missile system. 
"Who is manning these? Who is operating these things?
Benson: What should the US response be?
Moore: I can tell you it's very chilling and very upsetting.
"I think the president is taking the right approach to say to the international community that we can not tolerate this and I think we have put Mr. Putin on notice that you can't continue to operate with impunity," said Moore.
President Obama says evidence indicates that the plane was shot down by a surface-to-air missile fired from an area controlled by Russian backed rebels. He believes the attack wouldn't be possible without sophisticated equipment and training which the president says is "coming from Russia."