Parents in Janesville say son was kicked off of bus because he is black

CREATED Dec. 14, 2013

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 JANESVILLE (AP) -- The family of a black Janesville boy who was kicked off a city bus last month is seeking $500,000 from the city after alleging the ejection was racially motivated.

A Janesville Gazette report says the city released a statement Friday questioning the way the family characterized events.

The city also released surveillance video showing the inside of the bus. The driver can be heard telling someone, "Hon, you're not disabled. Why don't you move and let that lady sit down."

A white woman gets up and moves to the back of the bus. A black teen doesn't move, saying he doesn't need to because someone else has moved. The driver says, "I know, but you can move to the back, too, because you don't belong down here."