Paralympic athlete gets ready for Russia

CREATED Feb 22, 2014

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MADISON - Patrick McDonald let us into his home Saturday night as he prepares to leave for Sochi. McDonald is part of Team USA's curling team. He's busy packing now, and some of his items include nail polish and girl scout cookies. McDonald says they have a tradition of giving the opposing teams something American. So, he's going to give each team a box of girl scout cookies.

McDonald is quite a guy. The Army veteran lost the use of his legs in 1991 when the personnel carrier he was riding in, rolled on the way back from patrol in Korea. But, he's not letting that slow him down. He's excelled at curling and is now representing the U.S. in the Paralympics.

"It's an honor," said McDonald.

McDonald's hoping to add another medal to his collection when he returns from Sochi next month. It's his team's second trip there.

"We opened up the facility last February and so we know our competition and all ten teams are tough," said McDonald.

In the wheel chair curling world championships, Team USA took home the bronze.

"This time around uh, I think that if we do our job correctly and curl the way that we know how, we can be on the podium. I don't know what color medal but we'll be on the podium," said McDonald.

For now, it's a busy time, packing and preparing. McDonald spends hours at the Madison curling club every day, and in his off time, he's getting a mani pedi in metallic blue.

"It's my trademark, I guess you can say. "It's a trademark, it's superstition, it's lucky," said McDonald.

McDonald leaves for Russia in a week. Team USA's first curling game is March 8th versus Slovakia.