Packers fans revel in NFL Draft parties

CREATED May 8, 2014

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MILWAUKEE - A new NFL draft has dawned, and Packers fans are reveling in it. We found cheese heads celebrating in their holiday best and feasting on football grub at Miller Time Pub downtown. The were waiting, rather impatiently, for this year’s big gift.

“This is like my biggest birthday and Christmas all rolled into one,” says Ron Nelson.

“It’s like opening a present and seeing who you’re gong to get on your team this year,” adds the voice of the Green Bay Packers, Wayne Larrivee.

They’ve been preparing since the end of last season, reviewing all the mock drafts and expert predictions. 

Some fans are firm in what they want. “We need a starter on defense to come in,” Nelson says.  “We could use an inside linebacker, or a good safety.”

Other fans are more open to surprises. “Like Ted Thompson says, you take the best available person when they come up,” says Gene Huntley. “It doesn't matter if you need to fill a certain position. You take the best available.”

Regardless of strategy, cheese heads know it’s not easy to be Ted Thompson on draft day.

“It’s no simple task,” Larrivee says. “The Packers really build their team off the draft, and it's not a science. Picking the right players really is very much a fine art.”

An art form, that has everyone already thinking of the best present imaginable come winter time.  

“I'm hoping for the Super Bowl,” Huntley says.

“Hopefully when February rolls around, we'll be cheering for our Packers again,” says Aaron Demaster.

After Thursday night, it seems Packers fans already believe the football gods are on our side this year. The team has eight more picks to go in the next two days.