Our cool summer: Love it or hate it?

CREATED Jul 15, 2014

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MILWAUKEE - Some of us love the cooler summer weather. But, others can't wait for warm weather to return. 

"You know if it was snowing I wouldn't be doing it, but it's not quite doing that yet so," said Charlie Lorenz, swimmer.
Charlie Lorenz won't let temps in the 60s keep him from doing what he loves, even what he loves, even if it's a little uncomfortable.
"It'll be a little chilly. I will get goose bumpy for sure," said Lorenz
Milwaukee County parks opened all aquatic centers Tuesday, despite the weather. Few showed up.
"Yea if you wanna have your country club feeling you can come out today and feel like you own the place," said John Dargle, Milwaukee County parks director.
We asked, "Have you heard the grumblings about this summer being cooler than last summer?"
"No I think everybody's just excited to get outdoors after that long winter," he replied.
Especially golfers, and those spending much time outdoors.  Conner Ryder puts in nine hours behind a lawn mower.
"It's a lot, I want to say easier because I'm not sweating that much which is what I like," said Ryder, lawn maintenance for Milwaukee county parks.
We asked Will Jackson who's training for a half Iron Man, "Are you happy and thankful that it's not that hot for your training purposes?"
"Yea, it's fine with me I guess. Just as long as you don't say the four letter word - rain," said Jackson.
In Waukesha County, three beaches were closed Tuesday while three were open.
"I wish it was a lot warmer.  It would be a lot funner if it was warmer. How come? There'd be more people on the beach," said Katherine Dolan, who hates the cooler weather in Brookfield.
We asked Ginny Bocek, Waukesha County parks spokesperson, "So you've got people who either love it or hate it?"
"I would say yes and I think a lot of us are ready for that summer heat," said Bocek.
The water temperature Tuesday was much warmer at Fox Brook beach in Brookfield. Bocek said the water was 78 degrees, while the high temperature was 67 degrees.