One of Robin Williams' last interviews was for a local TV producer

CREATED Aug 12, 2014 - UPDATED: Aug 12, 2014

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THIENSVILLE – A local TV producer did one of the last long-form interviews with Robin Williams before he died.  

Steve Boettcher tells TODAY’S TMJ4’s Jesse Ritka the interview with the Academy Award winner for the PBS series “Pioneers of Television” is one he won’t soon forget. “We've interviewed like 350 people for this series and I'll tell you there was something really special about Robin, when he walked out, it's just like there's such energy and such, he's just so comedic and just really a master at the craft.”

Touching on the start of his career to some of his most memorable moments, interviews for the series have a biographical feel at times, “It's a record of their career, and a lot of times when they're older too, this is kind of their swan song in a sense, a soliloquy of their career,” Boettcher explains.

A career that Williams was thankful for, “I got lucky... I won the lottery,” the actor admitted in the interview.

And after nearly a day with Robin Williams on-camera, Boettcher got to spend some time with him off-camera, “He was kind of taking his make-up off and we sat down and talked for about an hour and it was really kind of a great touching moment to kind of spend time just one on one.  He said he really kind of wanted to be remembered as an actor first... and not just a comedian but an actor, whether it was comedic or serious roles but that was really a way that he wanted to be remembered.”

And now the producers of the Emmys will remember the actor with the help of Boettcher’s production company, “The Academy has reached out to us for our interview and we want to share with them what we have and no one's really sat down and kind of done an interview like this with him so we're going to have some elements of our interview on the Emmys.”

The Emmys are on TODAY’S TMJ4 on Monday, August 25th  at 7pm.