'Known drug dealer' killed in north side shooting

CREATED Aug 18, 2014 - UPDATED: Aug 18, 2014

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MILWAUKEE - Violence breaks out again on a Milwaukee street that has seen its share of shootings.  But this time, it's not just police showing up at the scene.

It's not uncommon to see police and pastors called to a crime scene. It happened Monday when a young man was murdered in the middle of the day.
"This is the harsh reality of violence in our city," said Milwaukee Police Chief Edward Flynn.
Chief Flynn addressed the media again after a 20-year old was shot multiple times while driving near 48th and Center. Police says he was a known drug dealer. His mother says he was a father with a little girl who turns three on Tuesday. 
"We are committed to working together," said Flynn. "We have the strong support of the faith community.
It's a commitment he has made all summer but it's not just the police chief who is saying it. Pastors have his back.
Brother Malcom Hunt is with Pastors United. The retired Milwaukee Police officer spent 25 years on the streets.
"I realize now a lot of the things I was doing as a police officer was also pertaining to what God is asking all to do," said Hunt.
These days he knows what he's being called to do, rally the community to stop killing each other.  
"All the shootings that have been going on this year - not by somebody from a different race but us," said Hunt. "Black on black and it's time for us to start addressing that."