Two hospitalized after car and school bus crash in Grafton

CREATED May 1, 2014 - UPDATED: May 1, 2014

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GRAFTON - It was a terrifying bus ride home Wednesday afternoon for some students at John Long Middle School in Grafton.

A car slammed into their school bus, at the intersection of Falls Road and Wisconsin Avenue. 
As emergency crews tried to pry the crushed red car from under the school bus, Jeannine Lutz and other parents, arrived in a frenzy.
"My daughter is on that bus," she says.
She got a call from the Grafton School District, and rushed to the scene.
"They didn't tell me anything," she says. "They just said that the parents can pick up their students at the accident scene if they can get there."
When she saw the damage, she couldn't help but panic.
"When things like this happen, you freak out, and you're worried about your kids," she says. "All you hear is bus accident, and your mind is racing. The thought of something bad happening to your child overtakes you."
Luckily, her daughter was okay. "Thank God," was her only response.
People who saw the accident unfold were in disbelief.
"The guy in the red car just blew right through the red light," says Peter Sutinen, who works nearby. "Obviously, he didn't see that big yellow bus."
They watched as rescue workers had to carefully remove the driver of the red car from the wreckage.
"I watched them take the guy out of the car, and he was moving, and talking to the paramedics, so we think he's okay," Sutinen says. "They put him on a stretcher and took him away in an ambulance."
The condition of the driver is unknown. He was taken to Froedtert Hospital. After seeing the crash scene video, it's amazing he survived.
One of the students on the bus was also taken to the hospital to be checked out.
Besides some bumps and bruises, all the students and the bus driver are okay.