Details emerge on how inmate escaped from Racine Co. Jail

CREATED Jun 2, 2014 - UPDATED: Jun 5, 2014

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UPDATE: New information has been released about a Racine prison inmate who escaped from police this week.

Jesus Arroyo was being moved from the Milwaukee County House of Corrections to the Racine County Jail. When an officer opened the van door, Arroyo ran off while wearing handcuffs and chains, according to a criminal complaint.

Police found and arrested Arroyo after a twelve hour manhunt. 


RACINE - "I heard the chopper, I heard the noise.  I knew something was wrong," said neighbor Hilary Williams.  She stayed inside her house when she heard all the police outside yelling, she knew they must have caught up with Jesus Arroyo Santiago.

Racine police tell us Arroyo Santiago escaped from a Department of Corrections agent near 8th and Wisconsin.  Police warned Arroyo Santiago should be considered armed and dangerous.  He was found 12 hours later in the 200 block of Howland Avenue, which is just down the street from Jefferson Elementary.
"The kids, you have to think about the kids.  You never know what he would do.  They say he was dangerous," Williams said.
Arroyo Santiago has family that lives in the area.  They would not go on-camera saying they are too scared for their own safety.  Neighbors who wanted to remain anonymous explained Arroyo Santiago fought back once he was cornered.
"Just constantly heard get down, get down, get down," Johnny said.
Police say he was not armed, but they did have to use their stun guns to get him to stop.
"It was so quiet on the block each time they pulled the triggers on the tasers you kept hearing the taser gun click and hearing him scream," Johnny said.
There's still no word on how Arroyo Santiago was able to escape.  The department of corrections would not comment saying it's still under investigation.