Off-duty Greenfield detective helps Chicago police catch hit-and-run suspect

CREATED Dec. 23, 2013 - UPDATED: Dec. 23, 2013

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GREENFIELD - Detective Doug Tweedie and his family were on Michigan Avenue in Chicago to catch the holiday lights. That’s when someone side swiped their van. Tweedie who was off-duty jumped into action to help a Chicago officer chasing a suspect.

“He originally had driven up on the sidewalk where people were jumping out of the way,” said Tweedie.

The driver of a silver Dodge took off when an officer tried to talk to the man behind the wheel. The man drove briefly on the sidewalk down busy Michigan Avenue before striking four cars including Tweedie's van. 

“I was stopped at a stop light in front of the John Hancock building,” said Tweedie.

The Dodge eventually crashed and the airbags deployed. But it became clear to Tweedie this was no accidental crash. Tweedie saw an officer running with his gun drawn and jumped in to help out.

“We were yelling at the shoppers from people coming from the John Hancock building somebody grab him, somebody grab him,” explained Tweedie.

Tweedie chased the suspect on foot around the John Hancock building for five minutes.  He and the other officer continued to run back south towards Michigan Avenue. That’s when the man finally surrendered after he ran inside the American Girl Store.

Even though Tweedie and his family were on vacation he knows a true cop is never off duty.

“There were thousands of people shopping on Michigan Avenue. I figured if I can help get him before anything else happens the sooner the better,” said Tweedie.

It’s believed the driver took off because he was smoking marijuana. No one was hurt in the hit and run or foot pursuit.