Oak Creek company sews the stars and stripes with hand-made pride

CREATED Jul 4, 2014

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OAK CREEK - We fly it with pride.  We salute it.  But do you know where your American flag comes from?

On Rawson Avenue in Oak Creek stands one of the country's largest flag, flag pole and accessories manufacturers in the country.
"People just don't even know this is a hidden treasure," said Eder Chief Operating Officer, Jodi Goglio.
Last year alone, they hand-made 5 million flags.
"For us to still be providing that handcrafted product in this day and age is fantastic," Goglio said.
160 employees with decades of experience hand sew each of the 13 stripes together to create our nation's most recognized symbols. 
"The flag is probably the most famous symbol of our country and everyone has an emotional attachment to it."
For that reason, they make flags of all sizes, including some that will cover a football field.  If you look for the Eder name on your flag, you won't find it.  There's something they are more proud of than their company.
"We are so proud to say that we are doing that here with American products, American labor," Goglio said.