No shortage of feedback on casino for Gov. Walker

CREATED Jan 16, 2014

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Governor Scott Walker's inbox is full of voter's opinions on the Kenosha Casino.

So far, more than 7400 emails and letters have been sent to his office on the casino issue.

TODAY'S TMJ4 Reporter Charles Benson looked at about 100 of them.

"I voted twice for you but will hold my future support untill real job
creation happens,' said George Renner, as he read the email he sent to Governor Walker.

Renner owns a recording studio in Kenosha and he wants Walker to keep his promise to create jobs by saying yes to a Kenosha Casino.

"If we don't build in Kenosha there will be one built in northern Illinois before long," said Renner.

Several casino supporters also brought up Walker's campaign promise of jobs.

Walker supporter Maggie Olson in West Bend wrote: "I believe if you do not approve this, you will not be re-elected." She added, "your jobs promise will be thrown back at you."

James Auchter in Cedarburg emailed: "I'm baffled by the Governor's decision process regarding a casino... " He asked, "Are we open for business?"

Others raised concerns about building another casino and the impact it will have on Milwaukee.

Catherine Driessen in Kimberly wrote: "By approving a Kenosha Casino, you further destabilize Milwaukee's economy..."

Carl Millard in Wales emailed, "This will only impoverish the estimated 345,000 Wisconsin residents who are addicted to gambling."

What ever decision the governor makes, the emails suggest voters are watching closely.

Benson: If he says no. Are you prepared to say no to him come November?

Renner: Yes.

Governor Walker originally planned to make a decision last October. But that is on hold while outside consultants take a closer look at Hard Rock's Kenosha's offer and concerns raised by the opposing tribes.