Nine guns stolen from Whitefish Bay home

CREATED Feb 27, 2014 - UPDATED: Feb 27, 2014

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WHITEFISH BAY- Nothing and no one gets past Oliver.

"They are not going to get close without causing some kind of commotion," admits Rae Williams Di Milo.

And it's that mean bark that gives Di Milo a sense of security in her Whitefish Bay home. But a few days ago that changed when she learned of a daytime break-in a few doors down on Colfax Place.

"I was concerned about that as a resident, it's a time of day when there are people around and those that are still working."

Investigators say the thieves broke into a back window.

Inside they helped themselves to the homeowner's gun collection, stealing eight handguns and one shotgun.

"It's an eye-opener to be aware. I am not going to become frightened because of it, I think to just be sensible and we did pay attention and made sure we had windows locked."

Its not necessarily the firearms that were taken that has Rae concerned, but rather what the criminals will do with the weapons next.

"Probably someone may want that because they might sell them. What else might they do with that if they choose not to do that?"