Nick Wilcox's family marks one year since his disappearance

CREATED Dec 31, 2013 - UPDATED: Dec 31, 2013

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MILWAUKEE - The tragic story of Nick Wilcox touched so many people. His death is a reminder to those partying tonight on Old World Third Street, like he did last year, to drink responsibly and stick together.

Much has changed along Old World Third Street since Nick Wilcox left the Irish Rec Room very early on January 1st.  That bar has since shut down and bar owners on the block plan to keep an even closer eye on New Year's partiers.

“We put a couple extra people on staff. We’ve got a guy at the door so if anybody comes in and they’re already gone, then we just make sure that they step somewhere else or we’ll kindly call em a cab," said Eric Imhoff at the Milwaukee Brat House.

And Imhoff says police are good about being closeby. By late afternoon, we already had seen officers on the block.

“I think that you’ll notice that if you go down there tonight, uh, you’ll notice enhanced patrols that are in that area. You’ll see a lot of police presence," said Lt. Christopher Blaszak, Milwaukee police.

Get too drunk and cause a disturbance, police can charge you with disorderly conduct.  The beer was flowing all day at the Milwaukee Brat House.  For Jack Nolan of Chicago, it was a quick stop on the way to someplace else.

“We’re staying at the Crown Point Plaza in Wauwatosa. They have a whole dinner and dancing and drinks and doing that there so we don’t have to be fighting traffic or going around or wasting a ton of money in Chicago," said Jack Nolan, celebrating New Year's Eve in Wisconsin.

Nick Wilcox's sister Andrea talked to Today's TMJ4 on New Year's Eve, saying her family was getting together.  Their story is a sad reminder about the danger of drinking too much.