New wave of burglaries hits Whitefish Bay

CREATED Apr 8, 2014

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WHITEFISH BAY - First homes, now businesses - a series of burglaries in Whitefish Bay has everyone on edge.

Seven businesses were targeted just in the past week. This comes after police issued a warning for a serial burglar, who they believe robbed 10 homes in the area since January.
Although investigators don't believe the cases are related, they are suggesting that everyone take extra precautions.
Signs of forced entry now haunt Eleta Salon.
"They broke the lock and used a big bucket to break the door open further," says hair stylist Linda Hazaert. "It seems like they knew what they were doing. All of the money I had in my locked cabinet was gone. Besides the loss of money, it just feels creepy to know that someone was in my personal space."
Three other businesses on Silver Spring Drive were targeted, along with three on Lake Drive.
"It's kind of frightening to come into a store that you know someone else was in," says Jane Mendelblatt who works at Oro Di Oliva, another store that was broken into. "To know they picked the lock on the back door is unsettling."
The back alley, behind the targeted businesses on Silver Spring, is under construction. That means that after hours, there's not a lot of lighting or traffic in that area - a perfect opportunity to gain access without anyone seeing.
But there is a lot of activity in the front of the stores, which makes Linda and Jane wonder if whoever is striking has had their eye on them.
"I can't help but thinking whoever did this has been scoping out the area and watching us," Jane says.
"Our storefronts are all windows, so people look in all the time just to see what's going on," Linda adds. "Now I look at that differently. It worries me a bit."